About Carmel Brizzi-Bennett

Carmel was born in a small town in Australia where she was raised Roman Catholic. Later in life she drifted away into another Christian group, where she became a worship music vocalist and a member of "Go Team" a children's ministry outreach organization. After a long journey, and the desire for something more in a church and something more meaningful in her spiritual life, she re-discovered the Catholic Church of her childhood. She is now a member of the Catholic Church, where she knows she belongs.

She worked many different jobs, including teaching Religious Education in public schools, reception, serving as a waitress, telephone answering, hairdressing and beauty therapy. She recently attended T.A.F.E college and received her Certificate III in Business Administration. She continues to help run her family vineyard, property, and business, while planning the next step in her career.

Carmel's interests include learning Church history, reading, jogging, animals (especially cats), the Bible, and spending time with her friends, family, and her wonderful husband, Jonathan.

Communion: Catholic
Current Reading:Catechism of the Catholic Church, At Home with God's People, the Bible
Music: U2, Delta Goodrem, Bob Dylan, Sammy Ward, Alternative Country, Liturgical, hymns
Favorite Movies: The Punisher, Forrest Gump, Signs, Passion of the Christ, My big fat Greek wedding, Lord of the Rings, The Grinch, all Shrek movies
Other Interests: Talking about God and helping people to understand the Truth, reading about Saints and being inspired by their lives, Learning God's unconditional love every day

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