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Are you drawn to join the Catholic Church? Do you feel something is lacking in your life in your own church or realigion? Do you feel called to convert to Christ through the Catholic Church? Are you unsure about converting from your own denomination and want more guidance? Are you afraid of the process? Do you want accurate information about Catholicism that is not "sugar-coated" in favor of Catholicism, or full of obvious anti-Catholic bias? If you are asking these or similar questions, then this Catholic conversion page is for you! Even if you are just seeking or looking for more information, we hope this page helps you understand more about Catholicism.

Just as a note, we are aware that the term "conversion" is inadequate to describe the process whereby a Protestant becomes Catholic, since most Protestants are already baptized and committed followers of Jesus when they decide to become Catholic. The Church discourages the use of "conversion" to describe the manner in which a Protestant becomes Catholic. More accurately, a Protestant can be said to be "entering into the fullness of the Apostolic faith" when he becomes Catholic, or perhaps we can say he is "fully reconciled with the Catholic Church." Also, he is "entering into full communion with the Church." However, "conversion" is the popular term employed to describe the change, and we retain it for this reason.

Conversion Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Check our our brand new Catholic Conversion Frequently Asked Questions. This page contains common questions about converting. Check out this list to see if your question is there! If your question is not there, please feel free to contact us.

Conversion Stories

We are in the process of re-tooling some of our conversion stories in light of what we consider to be the weaknesses of the conversion story medium. Please bear in mind that the stories we post represent the perspectives of different people. Thus, their personality types and perspectives will be expressed in their writing. The Catholic faith is deeper than any one person's perspective on it, so we ask that you continue your exploration of the Catholic faith even if someone's individual story may not resonate with you. We have tried to avoid stories that are overly polemical or that express anger towards other churches.

Thank God I Made It Home by Kathleen Laplante
This is an engaging story of a Catholic revert who once asked, "Who does the Catholic Church think they are, telling me I can't have an abortion if I chose to?" However, after struggles with depression, and going through a divorce, she returned to the Church, and has replaced past hopelessness with joy.

My Journey Back to the Catholic Church by Carmel Brizzi
Carmel was raised Catholic, but became a member of a non-denominational church. She reverted to the Catholic Church in 2004. She is a contributor and blogger.

I: From Catholicism to Evangelicalism by Rosemarie
II: From Evangelicalism to Christian Feminism by Rosemarie
III: From Feminism to the Arms of Mary by Rosemarie
This is a fascinating and informative three part story of a cradle Catholic who explored Evangelicalism, feminism, and then eventually returned to the Catholic Church as an educated, orthodox, Catholic.

My Return to the Faith of My Youth by Richard Evans
Richard Evans grew up Catholic, but "came out of the closet" in the early 1990s. He attended an evangelical Methodist church for a time, but returned to the Catholic Church in 2006. Richard regularly blogs at Richard's Ramblings.

My Personal Conversion Story by Russ Rentler
Russ was raised Catholic, but as a teen became involved in an anti-Catholic fundamentalist movement. He then landed in a charismatic church. Sadly, in the midst of his time in the charismatic movement, his wife passed away. This is a fascinating story about how Russ returned to the Catholic faith. He blogs at Crossed the Tiber and also has his own music site, Russ Rentler - Acoustic Minstrel. Check out David Bennett's recent review of Russ' newest CD, Road To Emmaus.

Informational Materials and Books

Basic Catholic Beliefs and Practices
These are some of our introductory pages, explaining the Catholic Faith in a postmodern context (without changing the Faith), that takes into account the entire Catholic faith, East and West.

Catholic Practices, Duties, and Lists
You have asked for it, so we have delivered it: all the common Catholic lists and practices in one place. The Seven Deadly Sins, The Cardinal and Theological Virtues, The Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy, the Duties of a Catholic, and more! We are always saying, "now what is that 4th corporal work of mercy again?" or "I can't remember the last deadly sin!" Now you don't have to sweat it.

Online Handbook of Denominations
We have collected information on various denominations and churches, reviewing them from a Catholic perspective. Our intent is to be accurate and charitable, making this online handbook of denominations handy for all Christians. Currently we have information on the Catholic Church, the Orthodox Churches, the Anglican communion, Lutheran churches, and Methodist churches.

Possible Objections to the Catholic Faith
We have compiled (and are compiling) common objections and concerns many people have with the Catholic Church. There are many myths about the Catholic Church, and we hope to set the record straight. We are trying to answer these objections by being truthful and explaining clearly what the Church actually teaches, as well as explaining why such practices and beliefs are true.

Per Christum
This is our group blog. Most of the contributors are individuals who have become Catholic after being raised in another Christian Tradition. Often material of interest to converts is posted.

We have created these pages to reacquaint Catholics, Orthodox, and Anglicans to their own Church Calendars (since many are still undereducated about this great reality), but also to introduce non-Catholics to the beauty of the Church Year.

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults
This site has photos and video of the Rites of Initiation into the Catholic Church. The process consists of education and regular meetings, but the rites themselves are the most important part of the RCIA process. This page will give you a look into what the rites consist of. Thanks to Jason Sims for the link.

Catechism of the Catholic Church
If you want to know what the Catholic Church believes about any issue of theology, morality, etc. this is the book to consult!

Surprised by Truth: 11 Converts Give the Biblical and Historical Reasons for Becoming Catholic
Author Patrick Madrid chronicles stories of people who have converted to the Catholic Church.

Handbook for Today's Catholic
Considered to be a "handbook" of the Catechism, this is the source for anyone wanting a concise primer on the Catholic Church. The low price makes it even more accessible.

The Orthodox Way
Kallistos Ware, an Orthodox Bishop, explains the Orthodox Church, and details the beauty of Eastern Christianity, as experienced in the Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches.

Ancient and Future Catholics
Last, but not least, we have to include our main page, which has evolved over the last year and a half to become a page for presenting the timeless Faith to a postmodern world. Run by Catholics, we also have many Orthodox contributors, and even some Christian contributors from other churches. As such, one major goal we have is to always include the Eastern perspective, of both the Eastern Catholics and Orthodox Churches.


Contact Us
Unfortunately, our site contributors are very busy with their day jobs, families, and other "must do" activities, so we cannot guarantee someone will get back to you to respond to every question you might have. Before contacting us, please check out our Conversion FAQ. Also, be sure to contact your local parish, and speak to a priest if you have specific questions.

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