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An Orthodox Episcopalian's Lament

By David Morrison

(To the tune of the Beatles' "Yesterday")

Heresy! How ECUSA's in apostasy!
No longer is she C. of E., ECUSA's in apostasy.

Verse 1 (to tune of chorus):
Heresy: Bishop Griswold's "pluriformity"
No longer is he C. of E., ECUSA's in apostasy

Verse 2 (new tune)
She used to love the Lord, the Three in One,
Now mostly she is just Arian -an -an -an... (Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3
God used to be a "He" - that's not PC!
Now He's a "She" and the Church is Feminazi-azi... (Repeat Chorus)

Verse 4
It WAS a sin not long past, to sleep around,
But shacking up is fun the clergy's found...and they encourage it... (Repeat Chorus)

Verse 5
It's cool to doubt the Old Faith, we're told today,
No longer "in" to walk the Narrow Heaven...(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 6
To God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
Be praise on earth and from the Heavenly Host...(I know that's...)

Final chorus:
...not PC, but I'm over all the heresy,
I am sick of the apostasy,
For I love God the Trinity...for I love God the Trinity....(fade out)

Verse One written by David Bennett.

All Words Except Verse 1, 2003 David Morrison
Verse 1 2003 David Bennett

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