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Jason Sims

Jason Sims was born on Christmas Eve in 1974. He is a life-long resident of the state of Alabama and was raised in Cullman County in the north central region of the state. He is the husband of one wife and the father of two sons. He has studied print journalism, creative writing, art and theatre, so naturally he ended up as a bookkeeper doing accounts payable for a company that sells appliance parts.

His religious training occurred in various rural independent and Southern Baptist Churches. He responded to an "altar call" at age 8 and was baptized a couple of years later. By age 17, however, he had drifted into a vague, near-agnostic and functionally-Arian version of the faith. By the grace of God, both he and his wife had pretty dramatic conversion experiences in the summer of 2000 from studying scripture, chiefly the Gospels and the letters of St. Paul. They started attending Baptist churches. Soon after, he became a Sunday School teacher and was licensed as a lay preacher.

His interests in history, theology and comparative religion led him to study other Christian traditions. He became very interested in the Protestant Reformation, particularly Calvinism. These studies were his first real contacts with the larger, historical faith. Through these studies he encountered the Church Fathers, the Creeds and the Councils. He found himself open for the first time to a sacramental view of Christianity that led him to enter the Catholic Church and contributing to these online endeavors. Jason and his wife Brandi were received into the Catholic Church and were confirmed on April 16th, 2006, at the Great Easter Vigil.

No one is more surprised by all of this than him.

Communion: Catholic, Latin Rite (Candidate until Easter Vigil 2006)
Reading: The RSV Bible Catholic Edition, Navarre Bible Commentary, St. Francis De Sales, G.K. Chesterton, Church Fathers, Church documents
Music: They Might Be Giants, CAKE, The Pixies, Eleven, Chris Cornell, The Beatles, Elvis Costello, reverent liturgical music
Movies: "12 Monkeys", "Dark City", "Blade Runner", "High Noon", "Psycho", "2001", "The Godfather"
TV: "Junkin'", "SNL", "The Journey Home", "Sunday Night Live", "Good Eats"
Interests: theology, Church history, writing, comics, art, film, music, Pal-Talk, pop culture, comparative religion

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