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Letter to Our Readers

Dear Readers

If you have visited this page recently, you may have noticed some profound changes to our content. We, the editors of Ancient and Future Catholics, have converted to the Catholic Church (from Anglicanism). As Catholics, we have joyfully submitted to the teaching authority (magisterium) of the Catholic Church. As a result, the content of the website is now going to adhere to the teaching of the Catholic Church. This overhaul has been, and will still be, a slow process, as we continue our work of engaging postmodern issues from a Catholic Perspective. We formerly used the word "catholic" in our name in the broad sense of "universal," which we understand was misleading to many. We apologize for this, especially in those areas where we taught against the magisterium while using the "catholic" name. We now have the fullness of the Catholic Faith and will proudly present it here. We have overhauled the old material and as best as we can tell it does not teach against the Faith. If it does in any place, please email us and correct us. We welcome this, as we still have a long way to go, and are always learning.

We still wish to be ecumenical in the classical sense of the word. Above all, we want to breathe with both lungs of the Church, which includes full and active participation by our Eastern brothers and sisters. We want the Orthodox to be well represented and use this site as a means to work towards better understanding and eventually (God willing) visible unity, a goal dear to the heart of Pope John Paul II. We also wish to work with our separated brothers and sisters (those currenly not in communion with the Catholic Church or Orthodox Churches) as long as, on the topics they discuss on these pages, they agree with and present the doctrines of the Catholic Church. We pray for unity, in Truth and charity, with our Protestant brothers and sisters too.

For more information on the new direction of Ancient and Future Catholics and Church Year.Net please visit our FAQ and Who We Are Pages. For more information on how the editors ended up in the Catholic Faith, please visit My Journey to the Catholic Church by Jonathan Bennett

In Jesus Christ our Lord,
Jonathan and David Bennett

September 7th, 2004

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