About Steve Clark

Steven Clark was born in 1955 in Indiana to a Baptist preacher and preacher’s wife. He has lived most of his life in Florida, attending Stetson University School of Music. He graduated in 1980 with a Bachelor of Music in Music Theory and Composition. While he was at Stetson, he took some senior level religion classes much to the consternation of his faculty advisors. He studied choral music under Dr. Thomas Whiteside, Harold ‘Prof’ Giffin and sung with Robert Shaw (Atlanta Symphony) and Paul Salamunovich (Los Angeles Master Choral). He has been a member of the Tampa Bay Master Choral and the Seattle Choral Company. He has played professionally with many orchestras. He studied Composition with Richard Feasel and Counterpoint with Virginia Hutchings. He has also composed liturgical and classical music.

When he was 15 he began a bible study with his father that was to send him to Orthodox Christianity. Along the way he made acquaintance with most of the major denominations. In 1979 he went to Russia during the coldest winter of the last century. There he came into first hand contact with Orthodox worship. Upon returning to the US he became Choir director and was trained as a cantor for the Byzantine Catholic Church. After being Orthodox for 2 years he was ordained as a Reader. He now lives in Washington State where there are almost no mosquitoes.

Communion – Orthodox (please don’t call it a denomination, that is not how catholics understand church)
What I am Reading - Philokalia, Fr. Arseny “A Cloud of Witness”
Music Interests – Lots, Eclectic, mainly choral music, classical music, jazz, folk music, chant.
Other Interests – Watching Basketball & Baseball. Computer graphics.
Favorite Movies – Adaptations, Hours, Gandhi
Favorite TV Shows – West wing, The Weather Channel
Areas of study – Chant, Liturgy, Hesychist prayer, Rubrics, Incarnation, Kingdom of God.
Contact - steveclarkreader@hotmail.com

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