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Untitled Poem

by Jill Knuttila

I sit alone,
Wondering what had gone wrong.
I see blood on my hands,
Wishing that I had gotten a second chance.

The rain drops heavily on the window sill,
Giving me a little chill.
As tears roll down my face,
My fate lies in the decision that I must now make.

A little girl I once was,
Until someone ripped my innocence away.
Alone in the world I became,
When my virgin body decayed.

My cold heart beats with each jagged breath,
As I look upon the body that has reached death.
The stench of blood fills the room,
Bringing a sense of doom.

A little girl I once was,
Until I realized that I had not love.
Alone in the world I am,
Because I have no where I can run.

I close my eyes,
As I raise the weapon that will seal my fate.

A little girl I once was,
Until I realized that there was not hope.
Alone in the world I cannot stand,
I must be permanently banned.

I take one last breath,
Praying that this will be a quick death.

Oct 6, 2003

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