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Eucharist, Mass, and Gratitude Reconciliation: Sacrament of Conversion

by Jonathan Bennett. The word Eucharist means "thanksgiving" and Mass means "to send forth." These words teach us many amazing Christian themes. One of theses themes is gratitude. This article is based on a speech given at a high-school Kairos retreat.

by Jonathan Bennett. During Lent, many Catholics reflect on sin and forgiveness a little more. One way that God forgives sin is through the sacrament of reconciliation, also called confession. This article is an in-depth article that tells you everything you need to know about this important sacrament.
Why Do Catholics Pray to Mary? ChurchYear.Net Basic
by Jonathan Bennett. Some Christians hear that Catholics pray to Mary, and it seems wrong to pray to anyone besides God. Yet, as Jonathan points out, we pray to people all the time, asking them to pray for us, just as Catholics do with Mary... This is the new section of our sister site. Most of our pages are information heavy and have an academic feel to them. We created ChurchYear.Net Basic to be more simple, concise, and easy to read. Check it out today!
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Nicene Creed: Ancient Symbol of the Catholic... What About the Salvation of Protestants...
by David Bennett. The Nicene Creed is the unifying symbol of the historical Christian faith that, among other beliefs, provides guidelines for the Trinity, Jesus' divinity, and the creation of the world by one God... by David Bennett. What does the Catholic Church teach on this touchy matter? How can non-Christians be saved if Jesus is "the way, the truth, and the life?" Can non-Catholics be saved if "outside the Church there is no salvation?"
The Communion of Saints: The Whole Family... What About the Virgin Mary?
by Jonathan Bennett. The Communion of saints is one of the most meaningful Catholic doctrines. Living, dead, here, and there, we are all one Christian community of God, united in our worship. by David Morrison. Do Catholics worship Mary? Was she a virgin her entire life? Why give Mary Such respect? We dispel a few myths, as well as explain the basic catholic beliefs concerning the virgin Mary.
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ChurchYear.Net Thank God I Made It Home
This is our sister site, and contains detailed information about all aspects of the church year. This includes information in individual holidays, prayers, liturgies, as well as educational resources. by Kathleen Laplante. This is an engaging story of a Catholic revert who once asked, "Who does the Catholic Church think they are, telling me...
Saint Hilary Communications Finally Catholic! My Conversion to the Catholic...
This is the official site that explains everything that we do. We are entering into publishing, consulting, and other projects. Check us out! by David Bennett. David became Anglican in 2000 after being raised Evangelical Methodist. He converted to Catholicism in 2004. He is co-editor of this website
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