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Catholic Art, Poetry, and Hymns

Original and Classic Artistic Expressions of the Christian Faith

Christian-Themed Artwork Compiled by Jonathan Bennett
Art is an important part of the Christian faith. Some of the best works of art throughout history have been of Christian themes and events. Bennett has compiled art for a variety of themes, including Christmas, Advent, Lent, and Epiphany. Other themes are included. This is an ongoing compilation of fine Christian art that is meant to inspire and to teach of God and Christ.

So Hard by Jill Knuttila

Advent Hymns and Canticles Contributed by David Bennett

Lenten Canticles Contributed by Jonathan Bennett

Prayers and Hymns in preparation for Great Lent Contributed by Steve Clark

The Troparion, Kontakion and Canon of Nativity Contributed by Steve Clark

Hymns for the Pre-Feast of Nativity Compiled by Steve Clark

Untitled Poem by Jill Knuttila

Easter Holidays by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

More Art, Poetry, and Hymns Coming Soon!

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